//“Caste Identity and Human Rights” NCHRO held seminar at Chennai

“Caste Identity and Human Rights” NCHRO held seminar at Chennai

Chennai, 13 August: The National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO), Tamil Nadu chapter organized a Seminar at Umapathi Auditorium, Chennai, with the theme of “Caste Identity and Human Rights”. This seminar was part of the NCHRO 20th Anniversary seminar series.

Adv. Bhavani Ba. Mohan, State president, NCHRO presided the programme and Prof A Marx, Chairperson, NCHRO delivered the keynote address. Adv. N.M. Shajahan, State General Secretary, NCHRO delivered introductory speech.

The other dignitaries who spoke in the Seminar were Adv Oviya, (Founder, Pudiya Kural), M. Mohamed Shaik Ansari, (State Vice president, Popular Front of India), and Ko. Sugumaran , (NCHRO National Exco Member)

We believe such seminars are essential for the advancement of human rights, democracy and the rule of law. The seminar addressed current and future challenges for human rights work in our country.


Advocate Shajahan, state general secretary, nchro introduced about the inception of nchro and its leadership since 1997. He expressed that the current turmoil in country demands the unified work of human rights activists. He further updated about the Major human rights convention planned in New Delhi on 28-29 october 2017 and the regional seminars conducted across the country as part of the commemoration events of nchro’s 20 years of field work.

Prof. A. Marx, chairperson, nchro started the key-note address by bringing the contribution of nchro against draconian laws and legal assistance for victims to limelight. The role of caste played in court judgments’ were highlighted with evidence in his address. He cited the existence of various laws to diminish the caste and failure to practically implement them. He further reminded that there is nothing to be proud of today’s President being elected from Dalit community since he is a member of RSS and openly stated that the Mandal’s recommendations shouldn’t be implemented when he was BJP spokesperson.


Sukumaran, NCHRO, Exco Member told in his address that Abuse prevention act was rarely used to register complaints even though there were numerous atrocities against downtrodden class. There have been cases where the initial complaint was filed in this act but the punishment was given under other acts and abuse prevention act wasn’t used. He cited that only 2% of reserved quota out of 27% is being used after BJP came into rule in centre.

Advocate Bhavani Ba.Mohan, State president, nchro tamil nadu chapter questioned the basis of caste and its existence in his address. He further said that religious conversion in india is a fundamental right but can any individual change from one caste to another?! The sangh parivar fascists ruling the country now uphold the caste and its identity. He quoted that the root of sangh parivar fascism is its caste architecture, abolishing it will bring an end to sangh parivar fascism and true independence to the downtrodden.
Human rights violations carried out by ruling party and bureaucracy were emphasized in popular front of india state vice president ansari’s address. The downtrodden and weaker sections of our nation are being treated as easy targets by government and bureaucracy he explained, quoting several incidents that happened across the country.
Adv Oviya, Founder, Pudiya Kural , told that Caste can be identified from how food is prepared in a household, Caste identity in our country resemble in all walks of life from dresses we wear to kitchen items used, she said. She clarified that when one’s identity make him feel greater than others then its practice must be abolished! Our constitution protects caste under the word ‘customary rights’, she claimed.

NCHRO has put together a seminar series in various cities across the country as part of its 20th anniversary, exploring various aspects of the human rights. Former Supreme Court Justice, N Santosh Hegde inaugurated the Opening Seminar themed “Terror Laws & their Implications” at a ceremony on 21 May 2017 at SCMI House, Bengaluru.

The culmination “National Conference on Human Rights” being held on October 28-29, 2017 at New Delhi. This anniversary conference will gather human rights defenders, activists, former political prisoners, courageous dissidents and victims of rights violations from all parts of the nation and they will join hands to plan action strategies for a positive social change.


The National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO) function as a collective body of human, democratic and civil rights organizations/ non- governmental bodies as well as of the concerned individuals to act against all forms of violations perpetrated against the basic rights, whether natural or constitutional, of the traditionally oppressed, suppressed and exploited sections within the society.
It is apolitical and is concerned with rights violations of all hues.