//UAPA and ENCOUNTER KILLINGS NCHRO held seminar at Bhopal

UAPA and ENCOUNTER KILLINGS NCHRO held seminar at Bhopal

Bhopal, 30 July: The National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO), Madhya Pradesh chapter held a Seminar at Bhopal with the theme of UAPA and ENCOUNTER KILLINGS. This seminar was part of the NCHRO 20th Anniversary seminar series.


NCHRO has put together a seminar series in various cities across the country as part of its 20th anniversary, exploring various aspects of the human rights. Former Supreme Court Justice, N Santosh Hegde inaugurated the Opening Seminar themed “Terror Laws & their Implications” at a ceremony on 21 May 2017 at SCMI House, Bengaluru.




We believe such seminars are essential for the advancement of human rights, democracy and the rule of law. The seminar addressed current and future challenges for human rights work in our country.

The program started at 10.30 AM as scheduled. Pervez Bari (programme committee member)proposed the welcome remarks and warmly greeted all.

Adv K P Shareef – Vice Chairperson of NCHRO presided the programme and delivered the keynote address.

The other dignitaries, who spoke in the Bhopal Seminar were  K M Shareef (NEC Member Popular Front of India), Adv. Shaifan Shiekh (National Exco Member, NCHRO),  Adv.Sajid  Ali (Senior Lawyer, Bhopal), L S Herdenia (Human Rights Activist n journalist  Bhopal), Mohammed Shafi  (Joint Convenor people’s movement against UAPA) , Adv Sajid siddiqi (state president SDPI), Kafeel Raza( Ad hoc committee member popular front of India MP).

Key note Address : K P Muhammed Shareef ( Vice Chairperson NCHRO)

Adv. K. P. Mohammed Shareef vice chairperson of NCHRO presided over the seminar. While presenting the key-note address, Mr. Shareef explained the historical background of evolution of the UAPA. The, then Congress led United Progressive Alliance government was cleverly reintroducing the arbitrary powers of the police and security agencies, which were available in POTA, during the introduction of new amendments to the existing UAPA. Contrary to the normal rule, jail is the rule and bail is an exception in the UAPA cases and secret witnesses are allowed in the trial, which is against the concept of public trial and openness. He further told that the “People’s Movement Against UAPA”, in which the NCHRO is also one of the active members, has been appealing the people, since its formation in 2014, to raise their voice strongly against the draconian law, till it is scraped. Because the former repressive laws like TADA and POTA were withdrawn when people stood up and acted against the severe and drastic abuses under those laws.

K P SHAREEF explained the work of NCHRO saying we fight legally for innocent victims without any personal reason  because majority of them is youth and  falsely accused. If you are Muslim and asking  for justice then you will be treated as terrorist, If you are dalit then will be regarded as Maoist and booked under UAPA. Legal procedures in such cases is so much tiring that in  maximum cases there is no chance of bail, somehow if we are going to achieve it then encounter is the best weapon to deal with it, Bhopal encounter is recent example of this.

K M  Shareef  (NEC Member, Popular Front of India) 

K M Shareef  highlighted draconian law UAPA by putting various examples of it like in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. Tribals are fighting for their lands against illegal occupying by  Multi National Companies. There Authorities are booking innocent tribals  under UAPA. We all must come on a joint platform to repeal this draconian law as we were successful in repealing previous draconian laws as  TADA , POTA.


L S HERDENIA (Senior Journalist n Activist)

National Human Rights commission (NHRC) must play important role in serious cases like this issue of Bhopal encounter. He described present condition of basic fundamental rights  as if you are listening good music of Gulam Ali (famous Pakistani singer) then you are anti national person and you can be booked under UAPA. On behalf of personal choices n opinions one person is patriotic and one person is anti patriotic, we are living in such a shameful scenario .

Mohammed Shafi (Joint Convenor, People’s movement against UAPA) 

Once former Prime minister Aral Bihari Vajpayee called UAPA  a donkey law, now this donkey law is in practice by Government of same party . Muslims, Dalits n other minorities must come together n form national level alliance to stop n repeal such draconian laws. This practice is already started by  forming a national movement called people’s movement against UAPA.  This message must spread to rural mass n tribes for preventing basic human rights n democratic values of our country.


Advocate Sajid Ali (Senior Lawyer Bhopal) 

Right to Life is under serious threat in current situation. It must be followed by all the citizens at any cost otherwise it will be a big loss to our democratic values. We must respect n understand  other religions also, if we are able to do this maximum misconceptions will be resolved automatically and hatemongers will fail. But at the same time if any kind of atrocities happen we all must respond to it in democratic way.By using this tool of our constitution we can make some positive changes.

Adv. Shaifan Shaikh (National Exco Member), Adv. Sajid  Siddiqi (state president SDPI), Kafeel Raza (Adhoc Committee Member, Popular Front, Madhya Pradesh) and Abdul Kareem, the convener of the programme committee also addressed in the seminar.


Also there was a session for victims. The kin of deceased in the last year’s Bhopal of encounter and the arbitrary slamming of draconian UAPA from Ujjain, Khandwa and Mahidpur narrated their woes in the hands of security agencies. NCHRO is a common platform of the various groups and individuals committed to the cause of human rights in India. The necessity of strengthening human rights defense and the need for a better coordination of the ongoing efforts in various parts of the country was also discussed in the seminar.


A Sayeed (joint convenor programme committee ) presented Vote of Thanks. This Seminar was held on 30 July 2017 at Gandhi Bhavan Shyamla Hills Bhopal .


NCHRO has put together a seminar series in various cities across the country as part of its 20th anniversary, exploring various aspects of the human rights. Former Supreme Court Justice, N Santosh Hegde inaugurated the Opening Seminar themed “Terror Laws & their Implications” at a ceremony on 21 May 2017 at SCMI House, Bengaluru.


The culmination “National Conference on Human Rights” being held on October 28-29, 2017 at New Delhi. This anniversary conference will gather human rights defenders, activists, former political prisoners, courageous dissidents and victims of rights violations from all parts of the nation and they will join hands to plan action strategies for a positive social change.