//NCHRO 20th Anniversary Seminar Series:  Rajasthan Seminar on “Gender Justice”.

NCHRO 20th Anniversary Seminar Series:  Rajasthan Seminar on “Gender Justice”.

NCHRO 20th Anniversary Seminar Series:  Rajasthan Seminar on “Gender Justice”.

The Rajasthan State Level Seminar which is part of “NCHRO 20th Anniversary Seminar Series” was held on 8th October 2017 in Press Club, Kota, Rajasthan on the theme of “Gender Justice”.

Ashok Kumari – NCHRO National Vice President,  Reny Ayline – NCHRO Secretary,  Ansar Indori – Exco Member NCHRO,   Dr. Kusum Meghwal – Former Member National Women’s Commission,   Mehrunnisa Khan – President State Women’s Movement etc. attended.

Program convener Haji Abdul Salam greeted guests and Shabbir Hussain – Secretary NCHRO Rajasthan briefed about NCHRO.

The main reason for choosing this topic in Rajasthan is to have the highest gender gap and accordingly, women are exploited. There are 883 women in 1000 males in Rajasthan, out of whom more than 40 percent is illiterate; more than 25 percent of girls become mothers under the age of 18 years.

There is a tendency where girls get married in less than 18 years of age. Former Member National Commission for Women Kusum Meghwal said that many of our religious books are such that women were not given equal status to men. Every kind of torture occurs first on women she added.

Chief Guest Ashok Kumari said that atrocities against women are started before birth, by conducting unethical and illegal prenatal sex determination tests which is resulting in the killing of girl child.

Ansar Indoori said that wherever gender issues are discussed, only women and men are spoken, whereas for the third gender there is no representation. Even human rights organizations doesn’t bothered about them.


Mehrunnisa Khan said that the most oppressed women in the society are Dalit, Tribal and Muslim women. The consequences of a progressive skewing of the male to female ratio are dire, she added.


In the presidential annunciation, Reny Aylin said that an environment has been created for women that no girl or woman will be out of the house after six o’clock. Human rights activist Shahid Durrani also attended.

Program coordinator Shababur Ali delivered a message of thanks to all the participants.