//Prof. G. Haragopal, Prof. Hany Babu & Vidya Bhusan Rawat enlightened the 4th Session of National Conference on Human Rights – "NATIONALITY QUESTION"

Prof. G. Haragopal, Prof. Hany Babu & Vidya Bhusan Rawat enlightened the 4th Session of National Conference on Human Rights – "NATIONALITY QUESTION"

Prof. G. Haragopal, Prof. Hany Babu & Vidya Bhusan Rawat enlightened the 4th Session of National Conference on Human Rights – “NATIONALITY QUESTION”


Prof. G. Haragopal,  Adv. Saifan Shaikh,  Prof. Hany Babu & Vidya Bhusan Rawat


Welcome:              Adv. Saifan Shaikh, National Exco Member, NCHRO


Chair:                     Prof. G. Haragopal, Academic Scholar & Visiting Professor, NLSIU


Keynote:               Prof. Hany Babu, Associate Professor, Delhi University.


Speakers:              Vidya Bhusan Rawat, Human Rights Activist,  Uttarakhand.




The subject of ‘Nationality Question’ is extremely complex, not the least because of the many different sources and manifestations of the phenomenon.

Nationalism in India and other colonies emerged as the ideology of the anti-colonial movements. Thus nationalism, regardless of inequalities and exploitations, is conceived as the basis of “deep, comradeship”.

The integrity of the Indian state has been achieved through the union of diverse cultures and erstwhile regional chauvinisms. The pluralism, the space for discussions, debate and the right to dissent are the essence of Indian democracy. But this democratic space is shrinking day by day.

The current phenomenon is the appeal of right-wing parties and groups in which seek to defend so-called national and cultural identity and norms on the basis of reactionary, authoritarian slogans. Rather than enforcing the neutrality of the agencies of law and order, civil service, police, and welfare agencies, the government seems to understand itself as called upon, fundamentally, to embody and promote the ‘new’ nationalism.

Whenever there is some crisis in the government, nationalist sentiments are aroused, generally thorough hoax of danger to nation. Our patriotism is not bound for any certificates on how to be a nation lover. Nationalism can be used as a political instrument by elites attempting to concentrate their hold on political power. Those who wield power, force, domination and the instruments of violence will impose a way of life in the name of the nation. It is also terrifying because there is no place in it for compromise, conversation and disagreement.  The active facilitation of intolerance and hatred as integral parts of xenophobic nationalism has created immeasurable problems in the populace.

D-voters in Assam which particularly affects people belonging to the religious and linguistic minorities. Scores of peoples have been lodged in detention centres across the state with little or no sign of ever being set free. The names of some voters have been marked with word `D’ (Doubtful) in electoral rolls and on the eve of every Assembly and Lok Sabha elections, some additional names are added to the list of D-voters. The citizenship rights, entitlements and privileges of a D voter are withheld until they prove their citizenship.

Communalism, dangerous in itself, becomes deadly when it becomes the official ideology of the Indian state, Communal disturbances organizes to weaken minorities in every possible way. Jabalpur ,  Jamshedpur Ranchi ,  Moradabad , Bhagalpur , Meerut , Baroda, Coimbatore, Bhivandi, Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad, Kanpur Riots are example.

Communal politics is closely associated with electoral politics and as the base of electoral politics widened in the 20th Century, communalism and communal violence also intensified. The forces that gain the most from a religious polarisation, especially based on violence, are the Sangh Parivar. Unsurprisingly, 75 per cent of the Lok Sabha MPs with criminal cases for causing communal disharmony come from the BJP.

Nationalism can invent nations which is not exisiting. Nationalism derives its prowess from essentialism, myths, and differentiation. It popularizes itself through print, through national language, and through common narratives for the future. And finally, it cements its dominance through repetition and invented traditions.

The scourge and cycle of communal hatred and violence against weaker section increasing day by day. This phenomenon can be seen the Entire World, Those have the tradition of universal benevolence and nonviolence too, fomenting violent conflict in the name of nationalism.

The pursuit of knowledge and the maintenance of a free and democratic society require the cultivation and practice of the virtues of intellectual humility, openness of mind, and, above all, love of truth.  Only a coalition of the oppressed castes, classes and gender across religions can overcome communalism and false nationalism.

As a people, perhaps, we have not progressed beyond the assertion of symbolic identity — not far enough to see that individual and private liberties may matter more. We have to build our society, politically participative, culturally harmonious, pluralistic, economical equally and socially hardworking and a society of human emancipation where everyone has appropriate conditions to realize one’s creative potentialities.

We passed bad times before. More authoritative will turn to more democratic set up. Good will overcome Evil. We should keep fighting.

Adv. Saifan – NCHRO, Exco Member – Preface for Session


Keynote – Prof. Hany Babu


Vidya Bhusan Rawat


Interactive Session


Interactive Session






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