//Under the slogan “Human Rights are Indivisible”, NCHRO Marked Human Rights Day-2017 in Bangalore.

Under the slogan “Human Rights are Indivisible”, NCHRO Marked Human Rights Day-2017 in Bangalore.

Under the slogan “Human Rights are Indivisible”, NCHRO Marked Human Rights Day-2017 in Bangalore.

Human Rights are Indivisible NCHRO Marked Human Rights Day-2017 in Bangalore – Welcome Notes from Selvi

Urdu Hall, Hameed Shah Complex, Bangalore.

On 10 December 2017, NCHRO Karnataka Chapter marked the International Human Rights Day by holding a seminar under the slogan “Human Rights are Indivisible” at the Urdu Hall, Hameed Shah Complex in Bangalore. The event started with a welcome address by Maria Selvi, PRO NCHRO Karnataka Chapter.

We are particularly honoured to have with us on this event :- Prof A Marx Chairperson NCHRO, YJ Rajendra, President PUCL Karnataka, Prof. P Koya General Secretary NCHRO, Anees Ahmed Secretary Popular front of India, Adv. S Balan President NCHRO Karnataka Chapter, Adv. Bhavani, ba Mohan President NCHRO Tamil Nadu Chapter as guest speakers.

Human Rights are Indivisible NCHRO Marked Human Rights Day-2017 in Bangalore – Prof A Marx

In his opening address to commemorate the Human Rights Day , Prof A Marx described that human rights derive from the mere fact of being human; they are not the gift of a particular government or legal code. Human rights are often said to be inalienable and indivisible and of course unconditional: they are not things that a person can lose by virtue of the way the person acts. That is how we regard human rights in theory, but our practice seems to be different. We act in ways that deny people at least some of their human rights, and we claim to be justified in doing so.The minority have the right to profess their rights in the country they reside. The particular cultural community cannot be majority in anyways, so they would have to be given some defined rights like reservations. Having the same opportunity to influence and contribute, that responsibility and burden are fairly balanced, and that people should not have to fear abuse or assault. In the minority rights we can see sharp diffrence between Dr. BR Ambedkar and Vallabai Patel , despite that our constitution recognized the rights of minorities which aims preservation of distinctive identities strengthens the nation.Now in our country such constitutional rights are in threat, Fringe elements from majority community can target minorities using such bogus like “love jihad”, the latest case in kerala , Hadiya marrying a Muslim man was denied all the basic rights offered in constitution. Last time when BJP had no full majority, could’nt change the constitution but when they become absolute power they will surely attempt to amend the constitution.Sangh parivar’s discomfort with our constitution especially with articles 25, 30 and 370 etc. is mainly as these articles aim at affirmative action in a plural diverse society. Sangh parivar aims a constitution that embody a Hindu political philosophy befitting an ancient nation. We have to unite to ensure the sovereign authority of the people.

Human Rights are Indivisible NCHRO Marked Human Rights Day-2017 in Bangalore – YJ Rajendra President PUCL Karnataka

Prof. Y.J Rajendra – President PUCL – Karnataka:-
The religious minority communities and Dalits face discrimination and persecution in our country where hate crimes, social boycotts and forced conversion have escalated dramatically. Some section, especially minorities, Muslims, Christians, Dalits are being attacked. But if these three communities come together they will become a majority powerful enough to counter the Fascist agenda of the ruling BJP government. If you raise your voice you will be called as terrorist. If you are a dalit and raise your voice ,you will be termed as maoist. There is no hope in democracy unless we come together against these atrocities. Over 55 per cent of undertrials across the country are either Muslims, Dalits or tribals, according to the National Crime Records Bureau’s prison data for 2015. This disturbing trend is not because these communities commit more crimes. Rather, it arises because they are economically and socially under-privileged, unable to fight costly cases or often even pay for bail and often these communities are targeted with false cases. Not only just few human rights organizations that have to raise their voice, it’s the responsibility of all the sections of the community who have to stand together and retaliate. All violence should be opposed. There exists a society of people who wish for the better, who strive for human rights and freedoms and who have a strong solidarity with each other – it provides a seed for positive attitude and shines brightly as a light at the end of the tunnel.

Human Rights are Indivisible NCHRO Marked Human Rights Day-2017 in Bangalore – Adv S Balan

Adv. S Balan – President NCHRO – Karnataka Chapter:-
During the reign of Hitler the person who was ordered to kill 60 million jews was interviewed and asked whether he felt any regret for such killings, he said “No”, the same is the attitude of Indian fascists who has behind numerous riots in our country. All judiciary and intelligence are now filled with bhramanic fascist people by the government. Corporates are satisfied by the government by grabbing the land and providing it to corporates. Babari masjid case was usurped and uneven distribution to the parties concerned have been sabotaged. All our places and natural resources are given to foreign powers via corporate and government intervention. Sangh Parivar is actually not only the enemy of Muslims or Christians but also the majority of Hindus. This is a day to declare the action from people to unite against fascism. Dissent and pursuit of justice are termed as anti-national activities. Demand minimum wages by the workers is termed as unlawful. The rule of law is not only “to safeguard and advance the civil and political rights of the individual in a free society, but also to establish social, economic, educational and cultural conditions under which his legitimate aspirations and dignity will be realized.

Human Rights are Indivisible NCHRO Marked Human Rights Day-2017 in Bangalore – Adv Bhavani Ba Mohan

Adv. Bhavani Mohan – State President NCHRO Tamil Nadu:-
We are in 21st century third generation of human rights, we advanced in many fields as we can access things in finger tips but sadly the suffering of people continues. The marginalized class not even considered as citizens. Imperialism is now collaborating with sangh parivars. The killing of Gauri Lankesh is a shock and her brutal murder follow the same pattern of killing of Pansare, Kalburgi, Dabholkar etc. the modus of operandi continues. A basic principle of democracy is majority rule and the protection of individual and minority rights, which, although seemingly contradictory, are the very foundation of democratic government. Yet today a new generation of authoritarian populists is challenging that bedrock principle. In Gujarat the hindutva fascists used dalits to attack muslims, as a matter of the greatest urgency, we should have the broadest unity against the alarming rise of fascism in our country. In Hadiya’s case, right from the beginning,it has been about her personal liberty, and her human rights with the state. but judicial wisdom prevailed over basic fundamental rights, the rights of an adult woman whom the court thought it had dominion over diverted the case. Under the Modi regime, that every institution in the country was under attack and attempts were being made to control the media and the judiciary.The government was doing “selective appointments” in the judiciary by according approval to appointment of people of their choice and putting the rest in the cold storage.In judiciary there is the saffron people from the lower to upper level which had helped the RSS in influencing the system to speak for them and to acquit those cases where their people are involved.

Human Rights are Indivisible NCHRO Marked Human Rights Day-2017 in Bangalore -Anish Ahmed

Anees Ahmed – Popular Front Of India
Today we are talking about human rights when people are being burned in the name of cows. When discussion was took place in media regarding the live burning of a person in rajasthan, when the culprit had openely admitted he did the crime, our officials narration was, it is upto the police to put that into law, it is really to satisfy the fascists, they want to hear what they want to see. Propaganda of fascism we can see the superiority and promoting mythology as fact, plastic surgery, Ganesha, pushpak vimana. Movies that satisfies same narratives, Padmavati. The then 1980’s movies cannot be released now. Not just anti science, anti thinking is become a culture. There are ideological grand narratives that are literally sold to people with the goal to make them ideological slaves. The sub conscious communalism is often coming out. use violence of language, deed or behaviour, the language of war and enmity against political opponents all are on the rise. Common view not required but right to dissent is important in democracy. Regime will rule us, target all human rights defenders one by one. They wont target at a short all. But one by one. Muslim organization finished then will target dalits and others, so on. We shown our commitment to justice, for example when Gauri killed, when Saibaba arrested when Chandrashekar Azad arrested, we are not silent. All human rights and fundamental freedoms are indivisible and interrelated and that the promotion and protection of one category of rights should never exempt or excuse States from the promotion and protection of another. United we stand divided we Perish.

Human Rights are Indivisible NCHRO Marked Human Rights Day-2017 in Bangalore – Prof. P Koya

Prof. P. Koya – General Secretary NCHRO
I would like to start by remembering Mukundan C Menon the first general secretary of CHRO (ersthile form of NCHRO) a close colleague, a tireless example of dignity, someone who never gave up. When in 1997 CHRO was formed, Mukundan C Menon was a staunch defender of human rights, he gave us a good patronage and inspiration. NCHRO is a kind of street fighting human rights organization. If you don’t fight for your rights you will lose them to those who crush them. If the threat of taking away the rights of us is not defended then we will lose everything to the fascists. We say that our constitution which accepts all types of freedom, but when late Indira Ghandi declared emergency, our country was in silence for almost two and a half years. With the draconian law called UAPA many people are jailed now since they voice against fascism. When we are living in the shadow of mourning the life of minorities, dalits and other suppressed minorities, we have to be united to secure the decent, safe and dignified lives that are the right of every citizen. You and I have a joint responsibility to protect our common rights, and stand up for humane values. We must speak up and take a stand when injustice is committed, when our fellow human beings are victims. This is the only way we can preserve our common dignity and develop good societies that everyone can live in.

Human Rights are Indivisible NCHRO Marked Human Rights Day-2017 in Bangalore -Vote of Thanks – Sufiyan

The seminar was concluded with a vote of thanks by Sufiyan, member NCHRO Karnataka Chapter.