//Racial-Communal Violence, Extra Judicial Killings – Emerging Fascist Rule in Uttar Pradesh – Rihai Manch Conference.

Racial-Communal Violence, Extra Judicial Killings – Emerging Fascist Rule in Uttar Pradesh – Rihai Manch Conference.

Racial-Communal Violence, Extra Judicial Killings – Emerging Fascist Rule in Uttar Pradesh – Rihai Manch Conference.

Rihai Munch Conference against Racial – Communal Violence in BJP Rule.

Lucknow Press Club.
April 7, 2018. 

Rihai Manch Organized a  Conference against caste and communal violence in BJP rule at the Lucknow Press Club.
Racial sectarian violence, fake encounters, bogus lawsuits against the agitators, continuous arrests of innocents, The cooking of draconian law like UPCOCA, suppression of peaceful protests, Sending Minors to jail than to juvenile system, Mob Lynching, withdrawal of heinous crime cases without a judicial verdict all shows current UP regime is inclusively fascist. Despite their own rule still Sangh parivar and its offshoots are the primary perpetrators of feudal-casteist violence in Uttar Pradesh.

The Allahabad High Court advocate Farman Naqvi, who fought a prolonged war against violence, said that he used to look very closely the cases against Yogi Adityanath, now when the accused becomes the Chief Minister, how Yogi misuse his term to prevent criminal proceedings against himself is the curse of democracy we face. He added that any fight against communalism should be fought only on the value and spirit of secularism.

Muhammad Shu’aib said that since the coming of the BJP government, attacks on Dalits and Backward Muslims have increased. In the BJP Raj, Rohit Vemula’s institutional murder happened, on the other hand Chandrasekhar Azad, who fought for self-respect for Dalit society, was detained and imprisoned in jail under NSA.

Narendra Modi is claiming that he has due respect for Ambedkar and the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath is honoring himself as a ‘Dalit-friend’. But the kith and kins of Dalits and backwards are being killed in the name of a fake encounter. Mounting cases of inter-caste and communal clashes in Uttar Pradesh and other BJP-ruled states are glimpses of the shape of things to come. To an extent, Sangh Parivar followers have run riots because they feel newly empowered. This is most striking in the so-called cow protection units, many of them consisting of goons, set to catch farmers transporting cattle to shake them up and on occasion lynch them to death. The fascism in India, under the garb of nationalism, has been causing havoc to the Constitution and constitutional morality which Ambedkar wanted the Indians to cultivate to safeguard the rule of law and the country’s unity.The imminent danger to our country posed by manuvad fascism has to be met with unity of all sections of the society by upholding the Constitution and our pluralistic values.

Rihai Munch Conference against Racial – Communal Violence in BJP Rule – NCHRO rep. Adv Ansar Andori

While speaking to the state legislative council on February 15, 2018, UP chief minister Adityanath said: “In 1,200 encounters, more than 40 criminals have been killed and this trend will not stop.” By this estimate, in the past ten months since the BJP government came to power in the state, the police conducted roughly four encounters per day. Rule of law is the fundamental principle of governance of any civilised liberal democracy. Yet, the Uttar Pradesh government looks somewhat determined to disregard the first principles of the criminal justice system. Police encounters have become routine in U.P. The National Human Rights Commission observed that even if the law and order situation is grave, the state cannot resort to such a mechanism, which may result in “extra judicial killings” .

Advocate Ansar Indori, of the NCHRO, said that all these incidents are being run with racial – communal politics. It is a pity that the Chief Minister talks about encounters but does not see the charges against him are more serious than the petty cases with the victims in extra judicial killings. People killed in a fake encounter are mostly from dalit-backward or Muslim and it is clear that it is a new form of genocide.

Abu Bakar Sabbak of APCR, , said that the fabricated terrorism cases have been used for political purposes. In the last phase of assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Saifullah encounter is an example. The evidence suggests that messages about terrorism play an emotive and important role in elections.

Young leader of Gorakhpur and Chairman of the Veeranganga Uddevi Committee, Amar Singh Paswan referring to the attack on him, has said it was not an attack on me, but an attack against every young man who is struggling for a better society and country. we are not afraid, will fight for justice. He added that when Dalits are being killed in Gorakhpur, fake cases are being filed against Dalit students and lathis are being run on Dalit sisters. Then where does the campaign ‘Dalit Mitra’ go?

Assistant Professor at Wardha Hindi International University and author of “Bhagalpur Communal Violence: twenty-five years of national shame” Sharad Jaiswal said that the emerging trend of communal violence in Bihar is not a new phenomenon. For this, along with the BJP, other parties are also responsible, who have been engaged in divisive politics. The condition becomes even more serious when the media starts reporting communally .Now Ramnavmi is the festival used to instigate violence against minorities he added.

Mujahid of the minority harmony committee said that the BJP wants to implement the Gujarat model in the whole country, where education, employment and justice is a far dream for the weaker sections.

Mohammad Farooq, father of Fazan who was arrested with the charges of terrorism from Bijnor , said that my son has been falsely implicated. One day we will get justice for him. I’m a very poor man and work as Rajgir. The relatives of the victims of Barabanki Mahadeva riots said that the real culprits of communal tension are roaming freely and innocents being tortured and falsely implicated in cases .

Two reports were also released in the conference. The conference was administered by Christauddin Sanjari. The program attended by other human rights activists including Arundhati Dhruv, Shah Alam Shervani Tariq Shamim, Ramkrishna, Inayatullah, MD Khan, Sadf Jafar, Deepak Kabir, OP Sinha, K.K. Watts, Mohammad Masood, Mandakini, Atif, KK Shukla, Sajan Yogi Adiog, Fondant Boss, Fahim, Shivnarayan , PC Kuril, Enlightened, Sangbalata, Gunjan Singh, Shahira Naeem, Haidar Alvi, Gufran Siddiqui, Birendra Gupta, Manan, Shane Elahi, Laxman Prasad, Rajiv Yadav, Anil Yadav etc.

The resolution passed in the conference were:-

1. The Convention demands The National Human Rights Commission and the Supreme Court should appoint a competent team to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation in all the encounter killings in Uttar Pradesh and the police personnel involved in the encounter should be suspended from the job till the investigation completes.

2. All the false cases against Bhim Army’s Chandrasekhar and other leaders such as Anu Prasad, Amar Singh Paswan should be removed immediately.

3. The conference condemns the conspiracy of the BJP government to weaken the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.

4. All illegal and staged arrests should be withdrawn . else state-wide peaceful agitation will be organized along with the legal battle.

5. The Convention accuses that to fulfill the Hindutwa political objectives, the Muslims are being targeted and trapped in the name of terrorism by intelligence agencies.

6. Convention condemns atrocities against the weakest section in the state and considers sangh parivar is behind the violence from Saharanpur to Ballia.

7. Muzaffarnagar communal violence and other heinous communal violence cases in which Chief Minister Adityanath itself is accused should be handled by an independent authority. Yogi’s attempt to withdraw such cases should be immediately blocked.

8. Immediate action should be taken against the feudal forces that attack the Samata Sainik Dal in Muzaffarnagar. Minor girls, who have been arrested in Khatauli in the name of cow slaughter should be released immediately.

Rihai Munch Conference against Racial – Communal Violence in BJP Rule. (2)