//Police atrocity again in Kerala: NCHRO Team visits Victims Family.

Police atrocity again in Kerala: NCHRO Team visits Victims Family.

Police atrocity again in Kerala: NCHRO Team visits Victims Family.

Kevins Death deals another blow to state Police

Aluva, Kerala

Over the years our country has witnessed a substantial increase in police brutality, it is one of the most common and serious violation of the human rights and it happens more often than we care to know in our communities, ranging from verbal to physical abuse. Recent Incidents of Varapuzha(Ernakulam District) custodial death of Sreejith and the death of Kevin a Dalit Christian from Kottayam, now another victim is Usman from Aluva, all alleging excessive use of force, torture or misconduct by Kerala Police.

The NCHRO delegation led by Kerala Chapter President Vilayodi Shivankutty and Secretary A M Shanavas met the victims relatives in hospital.

It is of utmost importance that all allegations of police misconduct are effectively investigated so as to lead to the identification and punishment of those responsible. Regrettably, many investigations of human rights violations committed by police officials are ineffective, as it is often members of the same force who are investigating into actions of their colleagues and there is sometimes a “code of silence” about protecting one’s own. It is a fundamental duty of State to combat impunity for human rights violations committed by police officials so that victims receive justice.

Sreejith, Varappuzha Custodial death Victim

Political elites share much of the blame, as they have given the green light for bad policing through direct orders or rhetoric stigmatising certain groups. This treatment mostly takes the form of slaps, punches and kicks as well as blows with hard objects to various parts of the body. The government occasionally ignored reports of police abuse, delayed action, failed to take disciplinary action, or transferred accused officers to other areas within their department. It is extremely damaging to public trust in state institutions when police officials convicted of misconduct involving ill-treatment are pardoned.

Usman, manhandled by Kerala cops

Kottayam, Kerala

NCHRO state president Vilayodi Shivankutty asserted that it was shocking to see that Kevin’s assassination have a support from Police. The suspension of police officials involved in the assassination plot reveals the unholy nexus between criminals and law enforcement officials. He was speaking after meeting Kevin’s family at Kevin’s residence in Kottayam.
Kevin’s wife Neenu responded that social justice is necessary in her husband’s murder and the real culprits should be arrested. Shivankutty added that when the Dalits, Adivasis and Muslims are being hunted constantly, The State itself increasingly isolating and harassing couples who go with inter-caste and inter-religious marriages. The choice and consent of adults for marriages is contextualised with inalienable right to life under Article 21 of the Constitution, and its vital corollary, the right to choose and the right to live with dignity. Dr. Hadiya, Dr.Shweta, Ashta and Anjali are all hunted out, “he said. The delegation offered all support to Kevin’s family to fight for justice. NCHRO District President Adv.CJ Jose, KM Siddique, Joseph Panamoodan and Shaji Mannanam were also present.

NCHRO Delegation led by Vilayodi Shivankutty, Kerala Chapter President visit Kevin’s Family

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Police Atrocity again in Kerala, NCHRO Team visits Victims Family[/caption]