//NCHRO West Uttar Pradesh Chapter hold discussion on “Mob Lynching”.

NCHRO West Uttar Pradesh Chapter hold discussion on “Mob Lynching”.

09 March 2019

NCHRO West Uttar Pradesh Chapter hold discussion on “Mob Lynching”

The discussion organized by NCHRO West Uttar Pradesh Chapter, is at a time where “Mob Lynching” are much more brazen than ever before in our country.

Welcome address by Shoaib Ahmed followed by an interactive discussion with NCHRO Delhi Chapter President, Adv. Amit Shrivastva, NCHRO Exco Member,Ansar Indori, Activist Zakir Ali Tyagi, Adv.Afzal, Adv.Masruf, Sandeep Kumar, Adv.Ummid, Rita Bhuiyar, etc. Adv. Farman Ali was the program director. Adv. Afzal proposed a vote of thanks.


A lynching is a public, extra-judicial execution. The attacks in the form of “Mob Lynching has become an epidemic because of the “cynical encouragement of hate attacks by the country’s ruling establishment”. The evidence on mob lynching strongly suggests that most cases of violence, the alleged perpetrators belong to well-organised groups. The inept law and order of the country indirectly motivate vigilantes and mob-lynching. In some cases the court trials took nearly a decade, in other cases years have gone by and the police hasn’t even filed a charge sheet, are also cases where the murder accused were granted bail shortly after initiation of criminal proceedings. In a great many cases, the mobs were aided and abetted by law enforcement and local political and fanatical groups.

The vast majority of lynching participants were never punished. Reports from various corners indicates police initially stalled investigations, ignored procedures, or even played a complicit role in the killings and cover-up of crimes related to mob lynching. When violent mob begin to harm their fellow citizens, who will protect the defenceless is the question we are facing. Often the vulnerable victims have diminished capacity to anticipate, cope with, resist and recover from the impact of this mob-made hazard.

NCHRO West Uttar Pradesh Chapter hold discussion on “Mob Lynching”

Activities of lynch mobs, vigilante groups, other violence and hate mongers are the result of decades of practice of divisive politics. This practice, propaganda, terminology and slogans has created an atmosphere of fear, all a travesty of the values of our Constitution.Tacitly approved anti-minority violence and later branding it as “emotional reaction” of the “mob” is become an easy shortcut to power. A union minister (Civil Aviation minister, Jayant Sinha) arranged a heroic welcome to the men who were held guilty in the Ramgarh lynching case when they were released on bail by the High Court and garlanded them shows the mob lynchings has been sanctioned and the perpetrators are essentially above the law.

NCHRO West Uttar Pradesh Chapter hold discussion on “Mob Lynching”

The “Mob Lynching”, has claimed many innocent lives and shall continue until bringing the perpetrators to trial and punishing them. The Rule of Law is supposed to lift law above politics. The State has to control and curb the mob who threaten life and liberty of fellow citizens. The State has to ensure the human dignity, human survival and human development. It is time to further our collective to end this brutal violence of mob lynching.

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