//Hyderabad Fake Encounter : Book The Policemen For Murder

Hyderabad Fake Encounter : Book The Policemen For Murder

Hyderabad Fake Encounter : Book The Policemen For Murder


NCHRO strongly condemns the killing of four rape accusers by Hyderabad Police. There is a written constitution and judicial system in our country and any accused can be punished only through legal process; but police staging this fake encounter in the small hours are acting like super cops and undermining our democratic system. In the name of ‘woman protection’ state is encouraging the death squads. There are so many holes in the police story.

The perpetrators of heinous crimes deserve the harshest punishment, but only by the due process of law. The course of justice is not to be actuated by heroic motives but by genuine concerns to render punishment for a crime committed. The court is vested with this power none other.

Extra-judicial killings will only make innocent people victims over time. Due process protects all of us. Police responsibility to control crime and protect people is not a license to break the law. The investigating officers themselves involving violence and the institutional reluctance to accept independent oversight is dangerous. This encounter shows that the state does not believe in its own system of justice and its ability to give punishment in time.

This is not the first time that the Telangana police are involved in such crimes to please the populist powers that be. NCHRO calls upon the Telangana government to book the policemen involved in this cold-blooded act for murder and order an independent judicial inquiry.