//Army Chief should desist from playing politics

Army Chief should desist from playing politics

Army Chief should desist from playing politics

New Delhi


NCHRO is shocked to find the army chief General Bipin Rawat joining the debate on the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and offering  people  his  own pet  theories of leadership. He has said that the leaders are not those who lead masses in arson and violence. His ren remarks are intended to give a boost to the powers that be running for cover against the nation wide protests demanding the revocation of  sectarian CAA and  non-implementation NRC. 

So far in Uttar Pradesh alone 19 people have been killed, 879 people arrested, 5,312 taken into preventive custody and 164 cases registered during anti-CAA protests. Two people were killed in Karnataka, and  charges are framed against thousands of people in Tamilnadu. This is a mass struggle and people from all over India are participating in it. Branding this historical struggle of the people as one misled by politicians the army chief had actually insulted the feelings and motives of the people.

In his three-year tenure this is not the first time that the army chief has faces allegations of not remaining politically neutral. He  is also tipped to be India’s first Chief of Defence Staff who will be the single-point military adviser to the government on tri-services’ matters. The founding fathers of our constitution had rightly decided that the three forces of Indian Army should be led by three generals and there won’t be any common coordinator or commander. We know that many countries with started with a democratic constitution after the Second World War became military dictatorships. India is an exception. In almost all the countries that went into military dictatorship we find that the three forces were under a single-point military leadership .In this background the NCHRO also demands that the idea of the single point military leadership should be dropped.

Politically loaded statements of the army chief   go against the professionalism and neutrality of the armed forces.The Government of India should notify him about the inappropriateness of  such remarks.