//Resolutions passed in the Zoom meeting of NCHRO Exco.

Resolutions passed in the Zoom meeting of NCHRO Exco.

Video Conference (Zoom)

21 June 2020

The country is going through one of the most dangerous phases in recent history. Nobody thought that the Covid 19 will cause such a disaster and affect the lives of millions of people, especially the working class and the downtrodden all over the planet.

Now India is one among the first three worst affected countries in the world. Now it is proved that this is also one of the few unprepared countries, the rulers of which played with time disregarding the looming disaster. We witness the fastest dismantling of our democracy in our history under the cover of the pandemic. The declaration of emergency, in the mid 1970s is nothing when compared to what is happening today.

Neither the Lok Sabha nor the Rajya Sabha nor the Assemblies all over India are functioning now. All power is concentrated in PMO and Narendra Modi government has found it an excuse to keep away the people’s representatives from engaging in serious discussion about the nation’s problems .

Millions of people all over India were made to walk their way home, thousands of miles, carrying their valuables and their children on their shoulders. At least more than hundred people had died during their long walk towards their home.

The Prime Minister has not even cared to release the GST shares due to the states to face the calamity.
At least five states have increased unilaterally the working hours of the workers from eight to twelve hours.

On the one side we find the rightist forces using the present disaster for their hate campaign against the minority communities. And on the other, corporate predators including media hubs are announcing unprecedented retrenchments and reduction of wages of their employees.

Meanwhile the government is busy in arresting the intellectuals and minority community activists all over India under draconian UAPA. For they have participated in the peaceful struggles against the CAA and NRC. Even the Delhi Minority Commission Chief Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan is charged with sedition for his post in the social media.

In the midst of corona disaster we find activists like Gautam Naulakha, Sudha Bharadwaj,Varavara Rao,Shoma Sen and Anand Teltumbde were booked under UAPA and incarcerated in crowded jails.Our jails all over India are overcrowded and are totally unsuitable to lodge so many people in this time of corona disaster and the governments have not taken care of reducing the density of the jails even in the times of such national disaster.

It is in this background this meeting of the Exco of NCHRO puts forth the following demands before the central and state governments:

1. The Covid- 19 pandemic is spreading all over India uncontrollably. The state governments which are actually handling the problem are starved of funds. Not even ten percent of the money needed is provided by the Centre to the states. NCHRO demands the Centre to release enough funds to the states immediately. We also bring to the notice of the Centre to the criticism made by eminent economists and former finance ministers that the high pitched announcement of allocation of 20 lakh crore relief package by the FM Nirmala Sitharaman is nothing. It is just a part of the budget allocations already made.

2. The Centre should put in the accounts of all those under the poverty line a amount not less than five thousand rupees for the next six months. In the name of the pandemic a large number of employees are sent out of job by the corporate employers. The government should enact some law to safeguard the job security of the employees in times of such disasters.

3. NCHRO demands that the Parliament and Rajya Sabha should be convened immediately and issues of national importance such as Covid 19 management, fund allocation to states, the recent border clash with China. The deteriorating relationship with our neighbours like Nepal is also to be discussed.

4. The situation in Kashmir is extremely volatile and dangerous. The recent changes made in the constitution regarding the constitutional status of Kashmir have led to the return of militancy again with added vigour.More than hundred militants have been killed in this year alone. The people are under an unannounced martial law. To handle these problems successfully we should try to win the confidence of the people of the Kashmir who are denied the basic democratic space.

5. NCHRO condemns the Delhi and UP police for foisting false cases on peaceful protesters against CAA. The false cases against the student activists from Jamia University,JNU and AMUand anti CAA activists of should all be withdrawn. The real culprits who spout venom against Muslims are people like Kapil Misra, Anurag Thakur and Parvesh Varma. Yet no serious actions are taken against them while peaceful student protesters like Safoora Zargar, Meeran Haider, Asif Iqbal Tanha (all are Jamia Students), Natasha Narwal and Devangana Kalita (all are JNU students), activists Ishrat Jahan, Khalid Saifi, Gulfisha Fatima, Sharjeel Imam and many others are put in jail by Delhi police. Some of them are booked under UAPA. AMU students Farhan Zuberi and Ravish Ali Khan have been arrested by the UP police for their participation in the anti-CAA protests. NCHRO condemns all these arrests and request the govt to withdraw the cases against them and release them. The real culprits responsible for the Delhi riots should be identified and arrested.