//Protest Israel’s plans for annexation of Palestinian territories : NCHRO

Protest Israel’s plans for annexation of Palestinian territories : NCHRO

Protest Israel’s plans for annexation of Palestinian territories : NCHRO

New Delhi: The National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO) appreciated the grit and fearlessness of the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip in their struggle to the stop the illegal annexation of a part of their homeland by Israel.

The hypocritical western media has rarely reported the unwavering resistance of towns and villages, backed by allies across the globe. In a visible enhancement of global solidarity, defiant civil society groups,social movements, trade unions, student unions, progressive academics and artists have united to protest Israel’s annexation plans.

The peace plan euphemistically titled “Peace to Prosperity: A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People” is the Trump administration’s not so secret attempt to help his the Israeli PM and comrade in arms Netanyahu.

It has been rejected by the rest of the world with the
exception of a single digit midget group of countries.
July 1 has come and gone. It was the day when Israel, backed by the US administration, was tolaunch the annexation of West Bank lands. It would have been easily history’s most serious violation of international law.

For three decades, real peace and the creation of an independent Palestinian state have remained elusive.

It is anguish that dominates the Palestinian people, emanating from Israel’s inhuman and brutal treatment. Yet, Palestinians have held on to hope as expressed in the Arabic term ‘sumud’
implying “steadfast perseverance”.

Since the start of the occupation, Israel has administered different parts of the Palestinian territories in different ways. In 1967 Israel unilaterally annexed East Jerusalem and included these Palestinian parts of the city, as well as a surrounding area of over 70km2 , within the boundaries of the Israeli municipality of Jerusalem. The Israeli military governed the remainderof the West Bank from 1967 onwards as occupied territory.

These areas have witnessed house demolitions, armed attacks by Israeli settlers, army atrocities on innocent civilians, revenge imprisonments of resistance fighters and expulsion from their towns and villages.

The Separation Wall has further deteriorated daily life of the people.The Gaza Strip remains blockaded since 2007, as occupied territory. It is now entering its 13th year of blockade which has crippled its economic growth and the freedom of 1.8 million Palestinians living in the Strip.

2 The Oslo Accords which were intended to serve as a transitional arrangement lasting for a period not exceeding five years. The Accords were meant to be a Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements leading to the final resolution of the ongoing occupation.

Instead of serving to creating a just and democratic future for the Palestinian people and peaceful co-existence between Israeli’s and Palestinians, the 27 years since the accords were signed have only served to equip Israel to steal more land and resources from the Palestinians.

Since the arrival of Donald Trump as President of the USA, Palestinians have seen the worst of their conditions. With his backing, Israel has engaged in a string of law making that further impedes hopes for peace. The Nation-State Law has confirmed Israel’s plans to make Israel into a Jewish State which renders Palestinians as lesser people without equal rights. It states that “the right to exercise national self-determination” in Israel is “unique to the Jewish people.”
US President Donald Trump later recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and relocated the US embassy there, upending seven decades of US foreign policy. That decision has inflamed tensions in the region and unsettles the prospects for peace. Prior to that, U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Israel’s 1981 annexation of the Golan Heights designed to be an election boost for Benjamin Netanyahu.

The anticipated annexation of more West Bank lands has drawn pointed criticism from the international community, which considers all existing Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal.

Politicians and diplomats from various countries, have urged the Israeli government to resist annexation altogether. They have declared that the move would, once and for all, nullify prospects for peace and officially launch Israel as an apartheid State. Israel’s political conduct
resembles that of a racist-colonial state.

Tragically, powerful Western nations give Israel tacit and explicit support. Most parts of the world subscribe to justice for the Palestinians and disagree with Israel’s policies. Given the asymmetry in international relations where a single country veto can overturn any decision in the UN Security Council, Israel can get away with violations of international law with the support of the USA.

NCHRO joins hands with all progressive forces to compel Israel to change its policies by,

1. Lobbying with regional groupings- OIC, Africa Union, Arab League, SAARC, BRICS,NAM etc for the establishment of a sovereign Palestine state.

2. Guaranteeing self-determination to the Palestinian people in economic, political terms.

3. Putting pressure on Indian Government to stop its bonhomie with the rightist Israeli leadership so that Israel is forced to end the occupation and return lands seized during the 1967 war.