//Criminal Law reform is a conspiracy against the Justice system of the country. NCHRO-Rajasthan Chapter

Criminal Law reform is a conspiracy against the Justice system of the country. NCHRO-Rajasthan Chapter


NCHRO-Rajasthan Chapter organise a webinar on Criminal Law Reforms organized in connection with the controversial reforms in Criminal Procedure code, Indian Evidence Act and Indian Penal code without a proper consultation during the Pandemic situation.

State Chapter President and Retired District T.C. Rahul made a welcome address to the guests of the webinar and participants.
Three hundred audience gathered from various parts of the country.

Mumbai High Court advocate, Anubha Rastogi said that the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India constituted a five-member committee on 4 May 2020, which was entrusted with the task of reforming the criminal justice system of the country within 4 months. Seeks suggestions within a short span of time. After that, such a suggestion has to forwards to the Law Commission of India. But many intellectuals have raised questions about the formation of this committee. Many questions are also being raised on its process. No person from the most affected Dalit, Muslims, and tribal communities of the country has its members in this committee. In the group of questions that have been asked for suggestions on crimes related to women, but no women have been made members, the committee has set a 200-word word limit for seeking suggestions, which is too low. The committee is inviting suggestions from the people while there remains a strong organization of people knowledgeable in the country. Many senior lawyers are working from the district court to the Supreme Court, but no bar associations and bar organizations are being involved in this process.

An advocate of Jaipur High Court Ansar Indori said that the previous BJP government which was ruled at the center under the leadership of Atal Bihari Vajpayee had also formed a committee to reform the criminal law justice system through Chor Darwaza in which one hundred and fifty More suggestions were given to the Law Commission. But after the change of power, no action was taken on those suggestions. Right now we are seeing that there is a crisis of corona disease in the whole country, when everything is closed the courts are not working properly, in such a time, the steps taken by the government to improve the criminal justice system are Generate doubt. The committee has been formed to take suggestions in the context of mobilizing. But no representation has been given in this committee to the community most affected by the incidents of mob lynching. Secondly, this committee is adopting the online process for taking suggestions, the country in which a large part of the laws affected community and group resides in the village and countryside will not be able to be a part of the online process. Thirdly, if a citizen wants to make suggestions in this context, he must first give his full identity to the committee through registration. Among the people who have been appointed as members of the committee, except the chairman, no one is knowledgeable of the law and an expert in this field.

Addressing the webinar, Allahabad High Court advocate Santosh Singh said that the Government of India is plotting to weaken and abolish the rights of the citizens of the country. Every accused has the right to justice and the right to a fair trial, but the process which is being adopted to improve the criminal justice system is completely under question as this process can be helpful in violation of rights. Even before this, the government had enacted black laws used against the deprived sections of the country, Dalit, Tribals, and Muslims. We see that last year’s government amended UAPA to declare any one of the accused as a terrorist. The Sedition and National Security Act is the law that the government has always used on people belonging to the disadvantaged sections. The citizens of the country should oppose this decision of the Government of India, which seems to be a big conspiracy in the name of reform. At the end of the program, General Secretary Hafiz Hanif thanked all the speakers. The webinar was conducted by Advocate Sabir Ali, state executive committee member of the organization.