//The NCHRO condemns the slap of UAPA on activist VS Krishna and others

The NCHRO condemns the slap of UAPA on activist VS Krishna and others

New Delhi

Ist December 2020

The National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO) condemns the slapping of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act on VS Krishna, an activist and the convenor of the Human Rights Front.
For raising his voice against the rape case of 13 Adivasi women – two of whom are now dead in Vakapalli, Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh, that took place in 2007, VS Krishnan has been booked under UAPA and the HRF is being framed as having links with the banned Maoist party. It’s rather telling that the perpetrators in the said rape case from over a decade
ago were the personnel of the anti-Maoist force named Greyhound. This is only one of the string of moves by the State to intimidate activists fighting for justice. The crackdown on activists fighting for Adivasi rights has been going on unabated and this is a continuation of that.
Along with Krishna, Athram Suguna, president of the Adilabad district of HRF, and Bhujanga Rao, vice-president of the state branch of HRF have also been booked under UAPA. In fact, the Andhra police have framed a total of 67 activists from various political organisations on November 22 and November 24 under UAPA.
The NCHRO finds the UAPA a tool of stifling dissent and locking up activists for no reason other than fighting for justice. The UAPA is totally arbitrary and it has been a regular practice of the government to book activists under UAPA so that the government can hide its injustices and acts of violence, and prevent people from questioning them.