//Human Rights Organisation NCHRO’s workshop conducted successfully

Human Rights Organisation NCHRO’s workshop conducted successfully

Human Rights laws implemented in India after a long time: Adv. Mishika Singh

Bhilwara 14 March | Today, in Bhilwara, a human rights workshop on divisional level was conducted by human rights organisation NCHRO’s Rajasthan chapter.

NCHRO’s state secretary Shabbir Azad said that the workshop after begining at 11 in the morning went on till 5 in the evening. During the workshop, classes related to human rights were conducted. He said that in the workshop, human rights activist Adv. Mishika Singh from Delhi, Adv. Ansar Indori from Kota and Ishu Jaiswal from Delhi gave training to the participants. In this workshop, the organisation’s state vice president Kausar Parveen, secretary engineer Ram Kumar Chawla, and other position-holders and members were present, along with 35 participants. Initially, the fixed number of participants was kept 25, but in the end, because of more entrants coming in, the number was increased to 35. Helping in conducting the workshop, Shibbu Khan said that the workshop was conducted in Shri Gajadhar Maanhinsak Dharmshaala located near the railway station. In the end of the programme, all the participants were given a certificate by the organisation.
Shedding light on the topic of human Rights laws and their implementation, Supreme Court practicing lawyer Mishika Singh said that on thr international level, human rights were laid down officially on 10 December, 1948, however in India the laws were implemented on 28 December, 1993 and now, too, these state of these laws are worrying. Human Rights advocate Ansar Indori, expanding upon fact-finding, talked about how any person or any organisation should look into an incident and how the victim, administration and eyewitnesses should all be met and how analysing the moment, the report of the same should be sent to related body and commissions. Talking about the state of human rights in India, advocate Kausar Parveen said that today the worrying situation that has arisen, have arisen through the violation of human rights and their laws. The political parties and the government is only concerned with power, they are scared of talking about human rights about their positions being taken away. This tradition has been going on since years, that is why one has to fight for their rights. Coming from Delhi, NCHRO’s convener and human rights activist, Ishu Jaiswal, explained the system of filing online complaints in National Human Rights Commission and State Human Rights Commission. The programme’s moderation was done by NCHRO’s State secretary Shabbir Azad and in the end, he thanked the admin, participants and guests and took their feedback