//“Where does political Parties stand on draconian UAPA?”

“Where does political Parties stand on draconian UAPA?”

Trivandrum – Kerala

22nd March 2021

Eminent Human Rights Activist sukumaran said “UAPA NOT A SOLUTION TO PROTECT EXTREMISM” ultimate solution can be bring out only through rectification of social issues  by the concerned social bodies which has having the social contact and knowledge about the people who are facing various basic social issues at the ground level.  Draconian provisions were always misused by the state. Victims of such provisions were mostly   Minority sections among the communities. Such laws were against the spirit of the so called Indian constitution. A public conference organised by Kerala Chapter NCHRO prior to the assembly election at Kerala, titled “Where does political Parties stand on draconian UAPA?” .The venue of the conference was at state capital Thiruvanadapuram.

National Secretary Reni Ayalin, State chapter president Vilayodi shivankutty, Popular Front of India National Council Member Karamana Ashraf Moulavi , Solidariry Sate Secretary Thansir Latheef , Mionority Watch representative Adv Shanawas, UAPA victim father Kareem Master and NCHRO state chapter secretary A M Shanawas were attended.