//Executive committee meeting in Bangalore

Executive committee meeting in Bangalore

Press Release
New Delhi
23rd Nov 2021

Executive committee meeting in Bangalore

National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO) national executive committee’s meeting was held on November 21, at the Indian Social Institute, Bangalore,Prof A Marx ,the Chairperson, NCHRO, chaired the session.He briefed the members about the major items on the agenda.

Following that, Reny Ayline, National Secretary made the introductory speech. He talked about Tripura violence and the UAPA slapped on lawyers who had visited the place. He also mentioned the recent announcement to repeal the farm laws but cautioned the members about deteriorating human rights situations across the country.He also presented the national report in which he mentioned the constitutional amendments,the proposals for the Silver Jubilee celebrations, Tripura Bhawan protest in Delhi and other activities of the org in the last 2 months.

State Reports

Then the state reports were presented, starting with Delhi, Azeem Naved,the Delhi Committee secretary presented the report about various activities organized by the conferation either jointly or independently followed by the report from Rajastan which was presented by Shabbeer Azaad.
Madhya Pradesh’s report was presented Adv Aradhana Bhargav She briefed Exco about increasing communal violence in the state and repression by the government also highlighted the attempts by the government to create tension between Adivasis and Muslims and the undue delay in the investigation about the fake encounter killings of alleged SIMI activists in Bhopal jail.

Reeta Bhuiyar, the President of the UP state committee presented UP report.Ranjan Solomon, President of Goa state committee, presented the detailed report of Goa. He also talked about the parallels between Hindutva and Zionism.Mohd. Umair Dafedar presented Maharashtra’s report.
West Bengal’s report was presented by Shib Sandra Mandal.Assam’s report was presented by Sheizuddin Ahmed with a proposal to send a fact-finding team to Assam to investigate the forceful eviction cases in the state.

Kerala’s report was presented by Adv.M K Sharfuddin, which exposed the misreporting about UAPA cases in Kerala by the Chief Minister of Kerala in the legislative Assembly and the arrested of state president Vilayodi Sivankutty on the cooked up ground that he tried to obstruct the govt employees in performing official duties. Karnataka report was presented by Adv Umer Farooq.

State president Adv Bhavani Mohan.presented report about activities in Tamil Nadu.

Adv. Ansar Indori briefly narrated the background to the Tripura violence and the fact-finding team that went there, of which he was a member. They were then booked under the UAPA.

Other decisions:

  1. To add Adv. Mishika Singh from Delhi to the list of special invitees.
  2. To invite a representative of transgender community to the Exco.
  3. To send a fact-finding team to Assam.
  4. To elect new sec. of UP and new presidents for Bihar,Manipur and Maharashtra.The exco condoled the death of Mr Veer Sathidar,the president of Maharashtra.

Silver Jubilee Celebrations
As the organization completes 25 years next year it was decided to celebrate the Silver Jubilee as an occasion to focus on rights activities in the country. It is decided to include president of every state to be made part of the committee in addition to the ones already in the committee.Additional members will be decided later. The Inaugural celebration will be conducted in Goa on 30 January, 2022 and final function at Mumbai in Nov 2022.It is decided to invite suggestions and proposals to make the SJ Celebration a memorable event. The exco also approved the Committee for SJ Celebrations

The Silver Jubilee logo was released at the end by Dr Ranjan Solomon, Goa Chapter President and Professor A. Marx .The NCHRO calendar of 2022 was also released handing over a copy of it to Adv Aradana Bhargav Vice Chairperson by the Chairperson. Adv. Ansar Indori was felicitated in the meeting by Prof. Marx for his presentation of panel photos of Delhi activities.

Adv. Ansar Indori proposed the vote the vote of thanks. The Exco ended at 1 pm.