//25 years of Safeguarding Human Rights in India

25 years of Safeguarding Human Rights in India

Silver Jubilee Inagural

NCHRO Silver Jubilee ceremony

Date of ceremony – 26 March, 2022

Silver jubilee ceremony started with a 2 minutes silence dedicated to late Fr. Stan Swamy, who died during the time as a political prisoner, victims of so called institutional murder.

Fr. Savio Fernandez welcomed the participants.

Professor Marx, National Chairperson started the round of speech with a talk on the international declaration of human rights. He spoke at length about the RSS’s misuse of the constitution to attack minorities. He also spoke about the continuing attack on minorities in India, citing the demolition of Babri Masjid, and the state of minorities under the current BJP regime. He said the constitutional rights are currently in danger.

Fr. Cedrick Praksh, guest speaker, began by thanking everyone present at the event. He outlined the bleak state of affairs in the country but also talked about a ray of hope. He said that what’s happening in India is fascism in its purest form. Speaking about the Hindutva state, he said that the government now decides what the citizens are to wear, to eat, to see, etc.

Fanaticism and fundamentalism were the next point he harped on. He emphasized upon the importance of secularism and the way in which it is being eroded and the propaganda of the media. He ended his speech by talking about the way forward, emphasizing on raising our awareness about what’s happening around the country, constitutionality, and the importance of taking it to the people. He also said that the effort against the authoritarian government has to be non-violent. He ended with a recital of a poem by Rabindranath Tagore, and thanked everyone present.

The meeting broke for coffee break, after which a few cultural songs embodying the spirit of resistance to injustice were sung by members of the Chhatra Ekta Manch. After that the book by GN Saibaba named Why Do You Fear My Way So Much? The book released on the stage. Isha Shandilya then read about the book by GN Saibaba.

Dr. Albertina Almeida spoke about human rights in India – A Feminist perspective. She spoke against the commoditization of women. She spoke about the row over hijab, and the growing restriction over women’s choices. She also spoke about the Uniform Civil Code, and that its idea is problematic as there is a dominant narrative that is pushed under its “uniform” garb.

Following the speech and experience of Juliana and her NGO (Anyay Rahit Zindagi) working with transgender community, spoke about their experiences on the stage.

The people from the transgender community spoke individually about their experiences and difficulties they faced. They spoke about the discrimination they faced at several stages of life, from families to school to other institutions. Even after death, people of their community were not allowed to perform the final rites.

After this session, the panel of Adv. KP Mohammed Shareef, Dr. Ranjan Solomon, Aradhana Bhargava, Adv. Bhavani Mohan, and Professor Bhavana Bedi was invited to the stage.Adv Bhavani Mohan expressed gratitude over including the transgender community in the session. He spoke about the fascist nature of the Hindutva regime, and said that Ambani, Adani, and Modi are working together against the interests of the people.Adv K P Muhammed Shareef, Vice chairperson NCHRO made a brief lecture on Terror laws which are misusing against the individual and organizations. ED and other enforcement agencies under the amended laws like PMLA being misused for the interest of the ruling party interest.  

Adv.Aradhana Bhargava, Vice Chairperson NCHRO then spoke about the farm laws in India that were recently repealed after a yearlong protest. She talked about the differences between government markets and private markets for agricultural products, stressing on accountability that is absent in private markets.

After that, the poster of NCHRO for the release of all political prisoners was released on stage. The poster was released by Rupali Jadav of Kabeer Kala Manch, whose members Jyoti Jagtap, Sagar Gorkhe and Ramesh Gaichor are currently in jail in the Bhima Koregaon case.

Another song by Rupali Jadav from Kabeer Kala Manch along with members of Chhatra Ekta Manch continued the session, after the lunch break.

Open Forum

Afternoon session began with an open forum headed by National Secretary Reni Aylin. Various state holders Jananrdhan form Goa, Sugumaran from Pudussery Rupali from Maharashtra and Various other state committees were discussed the state of affairs in the country. Mr. Janardhanan from Goa said that the BJP’s rule in Goa made EVM’s susceptibility to being tampered, and that we should consider using the ballot system, as elections based on EVMs cannot be relied upon. He said that using the EVM is a pre-planned conspiracy to keep powers in one hand.

Rupali Jadav the Bhima Koregaon case and its update. Rupali Jadav said that organisations like the NCHRO should keep pushing for the release of all political prisoners. Dilshad from Rajasthan spoke about the increasing atrocities on Dalits and Adivasis in the Rajasthan. Ajaib has briefs the situation in Punjab. Ajaib talked about his experience in the state of Haryana where he along with others had gone for a fact finding. He said that ever since the BJP has come to power there, the new generation is growing up in an atmosphere of hate.

Dr. Fr. Bolmax Pereira then gave a presentation on Struggles for Land, Identity, and He spoke about the way in which the idea of development is harming the environment and the people. He showed that coal extraction and long routes to transfer coal to other states for industries are all part of a larger project of “development” that will ruin Goa.

Adv. Ganpat Gaonkar spoke about evicting the gov. from Melalulim. A cultural performace by the group xyz then continued the session.

NCHRO Silver jubilee conducted a press conference at the venue of the programme. The press meets addressed by Prof Marx, Dr Ranjan Solomon, Adv K P Muhammed Shareef, Adv Ansar Indori and southern coordinator Mr Sukumaran were also present  

The ceremony ended with a vote of thanks by Ifthiyaz, Gen Secretary Goa State