//NCHRO’s team met victims of Jahangirpuri

NCHRO’s team met victims of Jahangirpuri

New Delhi 28 April | NCHRO’s local team met the victims of violence and bulldozer lately in Jahangirpuri. The organisation’s secretary Khalid Saifullah said in a press release that lawyers of the organisation visited the place on the directions of Delhi State’s President Adv. Amit Srivastav. He said that during this, the team met the families of people who have been arrested. The organisation assured the people to look into prospects of their bail. Member of the team, Adv. Ashutosh Kumar assured the victims whose houses and shops were bulldozed to fight their legal cases. The team found during its investigation that the Police are still arresting and detaining people illegally. During detention, the Police are harrassing the victims mentally and physically. During such a dire situation, the lawyers of the team gave their mobile numbers to responsible people in Jahangirpuri.

The team of the organisation assured the people that organisation will help wherever it can in the legal battles. On this occasion, Adv. Ansar Indori, Adv. Ashutosh Kumar Mishra, Adv. Pramod Kumar and member Shoeb Ahmed, Rizvan Ahmed and Mohammad Zubair were part of the team.