//Human rights organisation NCHRO’s state level seminar concluded

Human rights organisation NCHRO’s state level seminar concluded

Corporations are helping fascism in the age of capitalism

Patna 28 May | In the state level seminar of human rights organisation NCHRO, the voice against capitalism was raised by the speakers. The central government was described as anti-worker and anti-farmer and promoting communalism. In the seminar organized in the capital’s IMA hall, the speakers lashed out at the central government.

Speaking in the seminar, National Secretary of the organization, Advocate Ansar Indori said that industrial houses are helping fascism due in the age of capitalism. If the contradictions between the exploited oppressed masses and the ruling class together take an explosive form, they can prove to be fatal for imperialism and fascism.

Mitu Kumari, a member of the organisation and Associate Professor at Patna University, said that the need of the hour is to raise voice against the central government which is advocating the capitalists and exploiting the poor, laborers, farmers and citizens need to be made aware. We would like to reiterate that the workers should be organized on the basis of the ideology and politics of the working class, and that this ideology and politics should be made the centre of the movement and all other democratic forces should be mobilized around it. Professor Somprit of Patna University said that many other political parties are silent in today’s hate-filled environment. In such a situation, the day we win the ideological battle, our victory will start from that day itself. History is witness that imperialism has had to retreat before the struggle of the people. Speaking at the seminar, former student union President of Aligarh Muslim University, Dr. Mashkoor Usmani, also accused the union ministers of misrepresentation against minorities.
He said that today the citizens of the country are being divided in the name of religion. An atmosphere of anarchy is being created in the country in the name of temple-mosque. To change this situation, democratic forces have to come together. In the seminar, Divya Gautam, a member of the organisation and assistant professor at Patna Women’s College, gave a call to stop the communal forces and to raise the voice unitedly with the workers and farmers.

APCRC director Mustaqeem Siddiqui accused the government of partitioning the country. He appealed to the peaceful Hindu citizens of the country to reject the agenda of RSS-fascism and to try to maintain brotherhood in the country. State President Sanjay Kumar presided over the seminar, he said that the central government is not bringing back black money from abroad and is inciting riots. He talked about taking the ideas of the organisation to the villages.

Representatives from different districts of the state were present in the seminar.

In the end, State Secretary, Advocate Adeebuddin, thanked the audience and speakers who came.